St. John’s School Christmas Concert at Auckland Castle

I was luck enough this Christmas to be invited to St. John’s Christmas concert at Auckland Castle, okay so I was working, but with entertainment like this it hardly feels like it. The students from St. John’s put on a unique version of the nativity story as well as give the audience an outstanding musical performance which really was first rate. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more from these young musicians in the future.

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RSC Launch Party

The launch party for RED STAR CLOTHING to place at the begging of the month, and it went of the map, awesome DJ set, projections and even a mini ramp!!

As you’ll know if you follow our facebook page we played a big part in the RSC visual campaign last year. We attended the launch party as guests rather than in a professional capacity, but I couldn’t resist getting a few shots of the mini ramp in.  

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Auckland Castle 360

This was our first go at doing 360×180 room tours, after putting a bit time into researching the methodology and technology I set about putting these to room tours together, firstly for the Zurbarans room then the Throne room. The plan is to document the whole of Auckland Castle in this way allowing for a great way of remote viewing the castle especially if your considering it as your wedding venue.

I’ll blog them all as vr tours once the set is complete and do keep a look out for any events Auckland Castle run in the new season it really is a great place to spend a day.

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